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Sluggy slugmusk at
Fri Aug 18 15:46:15 PDT 2000

The September/October issue of The Scarlet Letter is nearly upon us.

As such, rather than send a bunch of separate emails, I will post here
requests for the kinds of stuff that I know is floating around out
there, just begging to be printed!

1.	Anything from Lughnasad:

		Pookie's experiences with the archery tourney and her 
		original song (written on-site that day!) from the 
		Bardic competition.

		Tannith's original Bardic piece

		Caerell's Rapier Tourney

		Bear's Heavy Tourney

		Francesca's Feat, er Feast

		I'm sure I'm forgetting stuff...

2.	Anything to do with Fiana Ruadh

		The Oath

		Info about tabbards, seige engines, archers, 
		practice, etc

3.	Anything about Houses Mac an Ghabhann or Brokenaxe or BOTH!

4.	The ever present, ever popular Ruadh Noises! Don't forget 
	that Ruadh Noises is also where we put birthdays, challenges, 
	congratulations and other things that might be construed as

5.	We need to get questions posted for Oddgar!

6.	Artwork is always welcome. I would especially be pleased to 
	see artwork from any of our youngsters.

7.	Insert your idea here!



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