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Fri Aug 18 15:44:29 PDT 2000

Ok, several folks have asked me to post my song that I did at the bardic saturday night so here it is. Warts and all....

Lughnasad's Song (original tune, not a very original title)
By: MagD'Leigha Mac an Ghabhann
Aug 12, 2000

The temprature was high,
we had sweat up on our brow.
How we all survived it,
we may never know how.

Fighters they were fightin',
even with a chicken or two.
Things got kinda silly,
but then, this is Loch Ruadh.

Rapiers were a swishin',
Archers sent arrows to flight.
More than children got dirty,
Thank God for the cool of night!

A&S had many enteries,
even some that were brew.
One of the judges got a little tipsy,
but then, this is Loch Ruadh.

Despite the heat around us,
we managed all to have fun.
Including occasional problems,
we all got the job done.

Awards they were a plenty,
prizes given out too.
Fun abounds, and memories made,
It happens when your with Loch Ruadh!
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