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Wed Aug 23 14:03:39 PDT 2000

Greetings to the list!

As of this writing, I have five hats completed, with materials to complete two more, with the exception of the feathers, which I will seek again this evening.  I made some of felt and some of trigger and you good folks can use the ones you like, if you like any of them, and if not they will be made into dumpster fodder.

In service,
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    Rhonda New wrote: 

        Bill Osterheim wrote: 
        > Putting together several Robin Hood style hats if red/black counterchanged 

        Yes!  I have a pattern for the robin hood hat.  It takes all 
        of 2 minutes to make one. 

        What I REALLY need is 1 yard pieces of brightly colored 
        broadcloth for the pinnons (flags) that will line the archery 
        field.  Each yard of broadcloth makes 4 three-foot long 
        flags.  How 'bout a flag making/hat making night?  I have 
        two machines and three sewing rooms at home.... 

        And, I have cleared my schedule for a trip to the fabric 
        district this Saturday! 

        /Ly Elizabeth

    I am up for the trip this saturday if it is still on. When and where to start are 
    the needed factors. 
    Gabrille was going to work on hats, too, though I am not sure that she has a pattern. She does have the red and black cloth that I had.  We need to knclude her in this.  I have a maching and a serger I could bring to a sewing "bee". 

    I know I have some yellow that could be used for banners, will look in the pile and see what else I can come up with. 

    Anybody know where to find yellow feathers? I have struck out so far... 


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