LR - Fian Ruadh Tabards

Rhonda New rbnew at
Wed Aug 23 14:35:43 PDT 2000

Oh, wow! you've been busy!
What color feathers are you looking for?
My mother bagged a bunch of turkey feathers
for me.... oh, where did I put them...
What color are the hats?
... and, will you be able to go to the fabric
district with us Saturday?

Gabrielle wrote:

>  Greetings to the list! As of this writing, I
> have five hats completed, with materials to
> complete two more, with the exception of the
> feathers, which I will seek again this evening.
> I made some of felt and some of trigger and you
> good folks can use the ones you like, if you
> like any of them, and if not they will be made
> into dumpster fodder. In service,Gabby
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