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Greetings to All Concerned with the Land Allocation from Lord Colum,
Site Autocrat.
I am writing this to explain how the Autocrat Staff for Estrella War
XVII decided upon 225 square feet per person for land allocation.
First of all, this land allocation policy has been designed to provide
space for large groups of 20 or more on the main camping field, ensuring 
that these groups have land available to them even if they will not arrive 
on site until Friday.  This policy specifically addresses the concerns of 
our visiting kingdoms and their populace who have not had the opportunity 
that local groups have to "land grab" on Wednesday.

The reason we selected groups of 20 or more is because time constraints 
during setup (Monday) will not allow the staff to subdivide the site any 
further.  Additionally, smaller groups can find camping space easier.

Now for the numbers:
The primary camping area around and in front of the stage is 45 acres. I 
measured the site, taking into consideration  that the side areas are 
unusable for large groups because of trees and sloping terrain.  The primary 
area for camping was 1140 ft by 1755 ft for a total of 2,000,700 square feet 
or approximately 45 acres.  I then subtracted the area for the stage 137,000 
square feet (3.15 acres), and the merchant area of 250,000 square feet (5.8 
acres {note, this is not a firm number yet, we are still designing the 
Merchant village}). I then had to subtract for fire roads of 468,450 square 
feet (10.8 acres).  I also subtracted the estimated 114,535 square feet (2.7 
acres) for RV spaces and 10,000 square feet (.3 acres) needed for porta 
johns and site operations (security etc.).  The total area 2,000,700 square 
feet (45 acres) minus the total used area 979,985 square feet ( 22.5 acres) 
to arrive at the total useable camping space for preregistration
1,020,715 square feet or 23.5 acres.  I then divided the area by the
originally proposed area per person of 250 square feet to determine how many 
campers this would accommodate (1,020,715/250= 4083).  It was
decided that based on last years gate and the expected increase for the next 
couple of years we should try to fit 4500 campers in the main area (area 
divided by campers 1020715/4500=227)  This is how we arrived at the 225 
square feet per person.

What does all this mean?
As site autocrat, I must reserve land for large groups of 20 or more
that have pre registered on the main camping field (or other area if
requested) at a rate of NO LESS than 225 square feet per person.  How
will I do this?  I am going to map the entire field, showing all the
fire roads, porta potties, trees, stages, operations tents etc.  I will then 
inform Baron Dietrich how many people I can fit into each section (described 
by the outline of fire roads) meeting the minimum requirement of 225 square 
feet per person of USEABLE camping ground (water faucets and sink holes will 
not count against your group).  I.E., the area described by four fire roads 
(300 ft by 300 ft = 90000 maximum) will have area subtracted from it (90000 
- 1500 for water faucets and a stage = 88500 available) and be  divided by 
225 (88500/224=393 campers) to determine how many we can place in that 
section.  Baron Dietrich will then assign groups to the area I.E. Kingdom 
"A" 200, Barony "B" 120,Household "C" 25, Household "D" 30=375.  I will then 
partition the area off and label for each group, ensuring that each group 
has the required 225 square feet per person, and that the land is as square 
as possible.If you will note, there might be extra land available in each 
section(in the example above room for 18).  This land may be given to 
Kingdom "A" as overflow under their control to assign, or might be used for 
operations, or equitably distributed to the four groups in the section.
The land will be marked by four corner flags and one center flag with
the name of the reserved group on it.  The center flag should also have the 
actual area saved.  If your group has reserved for 20 people, for a planned 
total of 4500 square feet, you may show up on site and find a flag for you 
group labeled as follows "Group "Household A", Number 20, Allotment 4500 
Actual 4760 (68X70).
The extra area is probably land that was considered unusable (water
faucet, hole in the ground) or perhaps just some odd square footage that 
showed up as in the example above.

Reference Overflow:  No, overflow camping will not be restricted to a
specific land size, however, the Autocrats will limit you to a reasonable 
size and you will not be able to LAND GRAB for people not on site yet.  What 
is a reasonable size?  Reasonable would be land
sufficient to provide room for yourself and those camping with you who
are on site! You will NOT be permitted to have two people show up on
Wednesday and hold land for the Household showing up on Friday.  If you want 
a basic number, I would say estimate the needs of your campsite at 250 
square feet per person (this is what I used to determine the size of land I 
needed to camp 24 people at Estrella XIII (6000 square feet), though we 
actually only used 4900 square feet).  Please note, you will not be entitled 
to this area, nor can you "land grab" it.  You will need to have ALL people 
trying to share land in the overflow areas on site at the same time! 
Additionally, each kingdom will receive some overflow land that is for their 
administration.  What does that mean?  The Kingdom of Caid (for example) 
will be allocated a percentage of the overflow to administrate.  Caid MAY 
then limit that area to Their populace and restrict the size of their 
campsites to meet the needs of Caid.

The essence of the land allocation is this: To be assured of camping
space, pre register and meet the requirements for land allocation.
Baron Dietrich and I then have the requirement to provide for you!  Your 
group has land available even on Friday night, and you will know what it is, 
where it is and how much there is.  A little preplanning for yourgroup, and 
you will have an efficient and comfortable campsite.  If you have a pavilion 
that exceeds what has been allocated to the individual,talk to your group's 
POC and see if there will be room for it.  For planning purposes, Baron 
Dietrich and I will endeavor to ensure that no group is land locked away 
from a fire road so that you can plan your campsite with a side facing a 
fire road.  We will also endeavor to make your campsite as sqare as possible 
(a camp site for 20 people will be allocated 4500 square feet, and will be 
close to 68 feet per side) We also will not divide a group across a fire 
road (unless it exceeds 400,which is the largest we can fit within the fire 
roads and comply with fire department restrictions.)

Please also keep in mind that if your group sponsors a war activity that 
takes extra room (i.e. Tournament that you sponsor, Courts, Bardic 
Tournaments etc.), the Main Autocrats can decide that your group will be 
given additional land to meet this need. To qualify for this type of extra 
land you will need to submit a written request to the Main Autocrats with 
the reason for the land and the size you will need.
Please understand that this will be considered a request and may be
denied by the Main Autocrats.  The Main Autocrats may also arrange for
the activity to be scheduled in one of the "Common Areas" (special
event)I hope this helps answer some of the questions that have been raised.
If you have any further questions or comments, feel free to contact me.
Yours in Service to the Kingdom of Atenveldt,

colum1 at
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