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Thought this might be of interest to the archers in the Canton.


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If you know of any craftsworkers that would be interested in this please 
pass it on to them. And if you know of other email lists that might be 
interested, please repost. 

Thank you. 

Sir Jon Fitz-Rauf, SCA Archery Marshal


                         ARCHERY MASTERWORK JUDGING
                                Caid, Oct 6
      Attention crafters of bows, arrows and other archery gear! You have 
 the opportunity to compete against other crafters in your field from 
 many kingdoms, exchange ideas, learn more about your craft, and gain 
 recognition for your skill andknowledge.
     The competition will recognize excellence in several period style 
 Longbows. Crossbows. Arrows (including quarrels). Other period-style archery 
 gear (arrowheads, quivers, bracers,  composite recurves, etc.) Combat archery
 equipment such as combat arrows, rattan war bows, etc.
     The entries will be on display before judging, so that other archers and 
 the populace may view them.  Entrants will present their own work before the 
 judges and fellow entrants.  The judges will question entrants and provide 
 comments on each entry. Final results and winners will be announced during 
 GWW III and notice of the winners will also be sent to the kingdom 
     You may send your entry with a representive if you are unable to attend 
 in person.
     Volunteers will be needed to help with the judging. Entrants may submit 
 items for judging as well as participate in the judging process.  Inform 
 the judges-in-charge at the event if you are interested in helping to 
 judge this contest.
     All entries must be of pre-1600 design.   Non-period materials may be 
 used but greater value will be given for those items made from period 
 materials and fashioned by period methods.  No item that has been entered 
 at other Masterwork competitions will be allowed.  
    Anyone having questions or wishing to volunteer to judge this competition
 should contact: Lord Phelan of Penguinroost(caid_archery at, 
 Caidan Master of Archers, mka: Allan Kershaw, 9707 Richmond Way. Temple
 City, CA   91780.  626 309-0558

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