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Rhonda New rbnew at
Fri Aug 25 09:40:45 PDT 2000

I estimate that, with prudent shopping ;>, a simple
"T" tunic will not cost more than $5. in light-weight
broadcloth (the same feel as dress shirt material),
which can be found for $1 - $2/yard. Broadcloth is
nice and cool in the summer.  For something a little
heavier, chambrey (sp?) or very light weight denim
is good and will last a long time, but runs about
twice the price of broadcloth.

I would need to know how long you want it (to hips,
knees, ankles, anywhere in between), how wide at
the shoulders (include sleeve length), and how wide
it should be at about hip or belly level (whichever is

/Ly Elizabeth Hawkwood

Cantley_Tim at wrote:

> I hate to ask this of you fine folks but I'm going to be busy Saturday
> morning moving the remainder of my stuff from Fort Worth into my new
> apartment.  I would really like to have gone with you folks though.  Here's
> my question.  If someone was able to pick up enough red and black material
> to make two tunics for me, I would be able to pay them back the next time I
> saw them, at the latest at Populace meeting.  I really don't know how much
> money this would entail so if it's too much...don't worry about it.  I've
> wanted to make a couple tunics though, I even have some nice trim I've been
> saving since coronation this last January.  My idea is to make them half red
> and half black, divided down the middle so hopefully one of you fine
> seamstresses have an idea what I'm trying to do and would know how much to
> buy.  On my end, I wouldn't want to spend more than say 50 bucks but
> obviously, the cheaper the better :)  If someone can help and has some input
> on this...please let me know.  I really don't know what type of material to
> use for a tunic...something that can be worn in the fall and winter months.
> Thanks,
> Sean the shirtless

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