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I'll be happy to pick up the material for your tabards.  Do Eric and Kara want tabards as well?

As far as good material for all-year tunics, I like broadcloth.  It's sturdy without being too heavy, easy to work with, and relatively inexpensive (usually less than $2/yard).


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>I hate to ask this of you fine folks but I'm going to be busy Saturday
>morning moving the remainder of my stuff from Fort Worth into my new
>apartment.  I would really like to have gone with you folks though.  Here's
>my question.  If someone was able to pick up enough red and black material
>to make two tunics for me, I would be able to pay them back the next time I
>saw them, at the latest at Populace meeting.  I really don't know how much
>money this would entail so if it's too much...don't worry about it.  I've
>wanted to make a couple tunics though, I even have some nice trim I've been
>saving since coronation this last January.  My idea is to make them half red
>and half black, divided down the middle so hopefully one of you fine
>seamstresses have an idea what I'm trying to do and would know how much to
>buy.  On my end, I wouldn't want to spend more than say 50 bucks but
>obviously, the cheaper the better :)  If someone can help and has some input
>on this...please let me know.  I really don't know what type of material to
>use for a tunic...something that can be worn in the fall and winter months.
>Sean the shirtless

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