Vehicle update and RE: LR- Fighter Practice

Adam Harrison hookshot at
Tue Dec 5 15:21:31 PST 2000

I talked with the mechanic again, he told me if the transmission place
didn't think it was still under warranty, then he would foot the bill.  yay!

And I should(emphasis on "should") have it back by Friday...

I will be at the workshop/practice/whatever on the 16th, but I will be late.
I have prior engagements in Allen starting around noon.  I'll probably get
to Springtown around 5...

One of my many goals for that night is to re-design/rebuild the U-joint on
the ballista and finish the tortion frame we worked on last time...
hopefully by the end of the workshop we'll have it firing to maximum range

I may or may not be a populace, depending on ride situations and a possible
SCUBA class that evening...


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