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Baron Rozell ack3 at
Tue Dec 5 19:34:26 PST 2000

> The 16th is correct... it is primaraly a workshop, but we do get enough
fighter here to have some combat most of the time.
> However, I wasn't thinking when I mentioned the date!  That is the third
saturday, and should be our the day of our official practice at the park.  I
don't know about that plan, either, what with it being the week before
Christmas. Our knight marshall's
> schedule is a bit up in the air, due to schooling, tests, and job stuff,
> Bear, are you going to be able to make populace?
> I expect this will all get discussed tomorrow at populace, and we can make
an official announcement after that.

I normally cancel official fighter practices for December and January. If
the fighters in our group wish to have a practice, that's fine.

Unfortunately, I won't be able to make populace tomorrow night.  I have
school tomorrow and finals are next week.

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Loch Ruadh
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