LR- Cub Scout Ceremony

Cait OHara sonja_crocker at
Thu Dec 7 09:15:30 PST 2000

Here is something that was posted to the Elfsea list.  I thought it would
be really neat.  Is anyone interested?  Let me know.

From: Terry Cunningham [mailto:trcarch at]
Sent: Monday, December 04, 2000 10:10 AM
To: rjt at
Subject: Cub Scout Banquet

Judy Nesmith has led me to you to find out about arranging some people to
possilbly give a performance at a Cub Scout Banquet in Arlington. The
of the banquet is " Medival Time". The date is Feb. 23, 2001 a friday
evening. We normally will have about 130 kids and 130 adults at this

Ideas we are looking for include:  Knights fighting,  strolling muscians,
comedy skits, magician, etc.

Terry Cunningham     ( home  # 817-478-2977)

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