LR- Cub Scout Ceremony

Adam Harrison hookshot at
Thu Dec 7 09:31:26 PST 2000


Being an Eagle Scout and semi-active Adult Leader of a Boy Scout troop, I
would be willing to help with this; however, there are some problems with
the date.

A large contingent from House Broken Axe is considering going to Mead Bee
War up north, which is that weekend.

That weekend is also probably going to be Bordermarch Spring Melees, which I
consider a warm up for Gulf Wars.  Fian Ruadh, the Loch Ruadh war company,
should be going to this event(right Bear?).

And finally that weekend is 4 weeks into the spring semester, which means
the first exams of the the semester will be close at hand.  I may be stuck
home studying.


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