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Fri Dec 8 07:53:22 PST 2000

We need at least a couple of coordinators for the Loch Ruadh folk who will be going to Gulf Wars X; someone to keep track of who is going to go, and what size test(s) they will be taking, so we can arrange for space; and someone to coordinate meals, cooks and clean-up crews.  

In the past, we have gotten folk to volunteer to prepared specific meals, and we have always been quite well fed.  This has worked out to less than $50 per person, with the cooks being reimbursed for the materials they purchase.  We do breakfast and supper, with lunches being the individual's responsibility.

If you want to volunteer to be the meal coordinator, you will need to do the following:
     1.  Get volunteers to tek care of specific meals; keep a list.
     2.  Get volunteers for kitchen police for clean-up after each meal.
     3.  Determine how much money will be needed from each person participating and collect it.
     4.  Distribute funds to those buying materials.

The land coordinator should be someone who is going to be able to be at the site when it opens, or very soon afterward.  He or she needs to:
     1.  Keep a list of everyone who will be camping with us.
     2.  Keep a list of the size of everyone's tent(s).
     3.  Communicate with the Ansteorran Landocrat.  Inform him of our needs, including if anyone camping with us is disabled in any way and needs special consideration.
     4.  Secure our parcel of land at the War when you arrive.  Ensure that we get all of the space we are entitled to for the number of people we will have in our camp, and that the land can actually be camped on (i.e., not on the side of a 45% slope).

Let me know if you are willing to take on either of these responsibilities.

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