LR- Gulf Wars X

Cait OHara sonja_crocker at
Fri Dec 8 10:16:01 PST 2000

Thank you so much for all the info.  I have never been before.  Ragnar
has the fighting bug.  He says he wants to do heavy, light, AND archery. 
That man.  He just wants to kill something.:)  Having a tough time at
work I imagine.

I am glad to hear that there will other things going on.  I was afraid I
would have nothing to do.  Will there be kid activities?  Will there be
other kids there?  About haow many people in all attend?  Do they have
all 3 meals per day in the hall?  Or is it a concession type thing?  I
have never even been to anything remotely like this.  Is it like a
mini-Pennsic?  I have heard tales about that.

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