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Fri Dec 8 16:34:19 PST 2000

Cait OHara wrote:

> Thank you so much for all the info.  I have never been before.  Ragnar
> has the fighting bug.  He says he wants to do heavy, light, AND archery.
> That man.  He just wants to kill something.:)  Having a tough time at
> work I imagine.

Well, all kinds of fighting happen, sometimes at the same time! You need to
figure out which things you are wanting to do.  They even have light fighting
battles/ skirmishes.  Also other weapon events, such as target archery, and
knife, ax, and spear throwing.

> I am glad to hear that there will other things going on.  I was afraid I
> would have nothing to do.  Will there be kid activities?  Will there be
> other kids there?  About haow many people in all attend?  Do they have
> all 3 meals per day in the hall?  Or is it a concession type thing?  I
> have never even been to anything remotely like this.  Is it like a
> mini-Pennsic?  I have heard tales about that.
> Cait

A mini pennsic, yes.. and not all that mini!  I count I heard for last year was
around 4000 people at Gulf War.  My atlas says it is about 500 miles, but the
last 100 or  so are not freeway.   There are activities of all kinds, from
classes to shopping to dancing to bardics to parties. And let us not forget
horse games and trail rides (you can rent horses there) and dog coursing.
Sometimes with them all kind of getting mixed together. Or do I just remember
them that way???  Or was that just the evening I stumbled into the friday night
Party, and crawled home again? There are daily kids actives, must be at least a
couple of hundred kids there.  I have never eaten in the all, though I
understand you could get all you meals there if you wish.  There are also places
to eat in the merchant area.  Loch Ruadh traditionally makes breakfast and
supper as an organized activity, (do you like cooking?) with lunch left up to
the individuals.  Those who wish, cook, those who don't cook help with cleanup
or something.  I have gone 3 years, and have eaten outside of camp 5 times
total, some of these by invitation at another camp, and a couple in the merchant
area, when I happened to be there around noon.

Is IS definitely an experience.


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