LR- To Sluggy

Cait OHara sonja_crocker at
Wed Dec 13 17:31:04 PST 2000

> It is my intent to be there, but if not, I will have them delivered!

Thank you!  We are going to try to be there between noon and 2.  We have
a Christmas party to go to at around 6.  I tried to wiggle out of it, but
it is a family thing.  Turns out, I have cousins coming in from all over
for it.  Some of which I haven't seen in about a year.  There are people
there that I am not really very fond of, but what can you do?  Many of
them don't even know that I am prego.  I thought about going in garb or
something.  I am thinking of trying out some of my material for the
Bardic Competition at 12th Night.

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