LR- To Padraig

Cait OHara sonja_crocker at
Wed Dec 13 17:39:54 PST 2000

I was just wondering what the Bardic Competition at 12th Night will be
like.  How many songs will I have to sing?  This is the first time I will
be performing for the SCA.  Although I have been in several plays, this
will be quite different.  I only have a couple of songs prepared.  Should
I do stories as well?  Will I perform for judges or the poplulace?  Will
it be in rounds or free form?  I have no idea what to expect.  Should I
perform my pieces at the Wandering Bardic on that Friday or should I save
them for Saturday?  Is this the one where we play for the cloak?  I was
even wondering if the pieces I have chosen will be appropriate (they are
bawdy).  Or, should I sing slow, moving songs?  Help!

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