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Quoting Cait OHara <sonja_crocker at>:

> I was just wondering what the Bardic Competition at 
> 12th Night will be like.  

At Steppes 12th Night?  As I understand it, the bardic 
there is the Kingdom Eisteddfodd, the annual kingdom 
bardic championship.

> How many songs will I have to sing?  This is the 
> first time I will be performing for the SCA.  

Traditionally the Eisteddfodd has been an elimination 
competition.  In each "round", two bards will perform 
each in turn, and a winner of the two will be chosen.  
When you've lost twice, you're out.  

You have to husband your repetoire, saving your best 
pieces for later, but being sure to use a good enough 
piece to get past the current opponent.

> Although I have been in several plays, this
> will be quite different.  I only have a couple of 
> songs prepared.  Should I do stories as well?  

Absolutely include whatever you have, stories, songs, 
poems, etc.

> Will I perform for judges or the poplulace?  

Judges certainly, probably a group of spectators as 

> Will it be in rounds or free form?  I have no idea 
> what to expect.  Should I perform my pieces at the 
> Wandering Bardic on that Friday or should I save
> them for Saturday?  

Wandering Bardic is a _very_ different venue, but very 
good practice for any bardic work.

> Is this the one where we play for the cloak?  

This next bardic night?  I think it is.

> I was even wondering if the pieces I have chosen will 
> be appropriate (they are bawdy).  

Bawdy is usually OK (just not obscene), especially at 
bardic night.  Much more likely to have kids at 12th 

> Or, should I sing  slow, moving songs?  

Sometimes those are good too.  Depends on the mood, and 
what the person ahead of you just did.  Being able to 
make that sort of judgement on the fly, I think, is 
part of what makes a good bard.

> Help!

I hope these comments may be of some use.
> Cait

- Galen of Bristol

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