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Padraig Ruad padraig_ruad at
Thu Dec 14 11:26:47 PST 2000

>Ya know, I am having second thoughts about the Kingdom Bardic Comp. at
>Steppes 12th Night.  I just don't think I will be prepared enough.  Will
>I be able to sing and tell stories without being in the competition?  I
>hope so.  I am really scared.  I only have a couple of songs and a couple
>of poems ready.  Since I have never performed like this, I don't think I
>should do it at a Kingdom level competition.  What is your 2 cents,
>Padraig?  I really value your opinion.

I just read the last two messages I sent, and I think I need not only to use a spell checker, but a grammar checker as well. :)

I encourage you to compete, if you are willing to attempt it.  As I said in the previous message on this subject, the fresh voice carries much power.  Eisteddfodd is an excellent opportunity to push yourself a little further, to hone your talents and skills as a bard that much more.  Just like practicing fighting with many different opponents improves the skill of any fighter, competing with many different bards improves the skill of any bard.

But go with the clear intention to win.  Offer your best pieces, using your best presentation.  It is true that only one will gain the coveted position of Premier Bard, but there is no shame in losing in such esteemed company.  I believe there is much honor in being willing to compete.  Never lose an opportunity to excel - the only true regrets later in life will be for lost opportunities that we did not seize when we had the chance.

I know that it can be frightening; my mouth goes dry and my heart pounds like a jackhammer each time I stand up to compete.  But I believe that what we do is a worthwhile thing, and I am able to overcome my stage fright because of that.  I am confident that you can do the same.

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