LR- Killing trimarians

Adam Harrison hookshot at
Thu Dec 14 12:50:04 PST 2000

An orbital mind control laser controlled by a dwarf on met amphetamines in
the jungles of El Salvador caused Padraig to write:

No problem!  We'll just get another sword and board, with you as the
polearmsman, form up in a triad like we did in the second field battle last
year and take out a good percentage of the Trimarian army all by ourselves.
I lost count of the number of enemy we killed during that session.

That's a great idea!  but....  I won't be there for the open field battles.
Unless plans change (and they frequently do) I will only be there for the
fort battles, and I don't think we'll get the same kind of action as we
did/do in the open field...

then again, I could be wrong.

I know! we mount pinhole camera in the head of each ballista bolt we fire
and setup a transmitter a-la helm cam mk 1, and record each hit I get with
bolts fired from my ballista!  In a way, that would count...  :-)


Nunc Est Bibendum
Politicians prefer unarmed peasants.

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