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	I don't know about the rest of these folks but I'd like to see it.
If you could post it as an attachment, say in Word format, then we could
save it and read it offline.  Somewhere I have a story too, with most of
those Loch-Ruadh folks in it but it was based on my personna's life, Sean of
Argyll.  If anyone has read Louis L'Amour's book, The Walking Drum, well my
story is based loosely on it.  As far as pure fiction goes, I recommend that
book to anyone interested in fiction of the medieval time period around 1175

Laird Sean of Argyll
Loch Ruadh Archery Marshal
Member of House Mac an Ghabhann
Nephew to HE Dana Mac an Ghabhann

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> Hello Everyone!
> I have written a story for my Kiddie Lit class.  I wrote it on the SCA. 
> I tried to focus it towards teens.  I was wondering if I could get some
> feedback on it.  It is rather long, so I didn't know if I should post it
> or not.  Please let me know if anyone is interested in reading it.
> Cait
> Warning:  I used some of you in it.  The only person who will see it is
> my prof.  If she wants me to publish it, I can change the names if you
> wish.
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