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> Somewhere I have a story too, with most of
> those Loch-Ruadh folks in it but it was based on my personna's life, Sean of
> Argyll.

I'm pretty sure I have a copy of it, as we published it in the Scarlet

> If anyone has read Louis L'Amour's book, The Walking Drum, well my
> story is based loosely on it.  As far as pure fiction goes, I recommend that
> book to anyone interested in fiction of the medieval time period around 1175
> A.D.

Many people associate Louis L'Amour only with cowboy stories, but he has
a few that are not.

> Laird Sean of Argyll
> Loch Ruadh Archery Marshal
> Member of House Mac an Ghabhann
> Nephew to HE Dana Mac an Ghabhann

Grand Sheppard of Loch Ruadh  ;)




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