LR - Firewood Workshop

Adam Harrison hookshot at
Sat Jul 15 01:56:10 PDT 2000

Have chainsaw, will bring(if I can find it).

However I won't be moving in 5 1/2 hours, much less be at Gwen's...  Look
for me to show up sometime after noon.

I also have a request.  If there happens to be a straight piece of wood
about 7 feet long and about 8-10 inches wide, could you please not cut it
and save it for me.  Ditto for a piece about 4 1/2 to 5 feet long.

I was out at Polydore's working on the ballista and we decided that the
2x4/plywood tiller(which most non-siege people call the stock) looks bad
compared to the rest of the machine, so we're thinking we can fabricate a
more period looking tiller out of a chunk of wood(hence the above request
for wood).  The reason for 2 pieces is the authentically correct tiller also
had a piece called a slider that moved forward and back along the machine.
The bolt/stone/head that you wanted to shoot rested on this piece of the
machine.  Without getting too techincal: the slider slides up the
bowsting(which is at rest), the trigger engages the string, and the slider
is winched back down the tiller until the bowstring is sufficiently drawn.
In my opinion this system is much safer than the current system this
ballista and most sca ballistas use because whenever the bowsting is in a
postion other than resting against the box frame, it is secured by a locked
trigger.  this means dry firing is not possible unless something really
screws up, and even then you have a slider to absorb most of the force, not
the bow prods themselves.  With the other system, there is a possibility of
dry firing because the machine is either cocked by hand, or it is pulled
back by a winch, but the string is attached by two hooks, not by a locked

Anyway, I'm about to fall asleep in my chair, so I'm going to go find the
bed now...


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