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Tim Cantley yukon at
Sat Jul 15 12:32:38 PDT 2000

Hiya peoples,

	Just thought I'd let ya know I'm still alive and well up here in the 
Kingdom of the East.  I can say that I'm glad I'm up here right now and not 
in Dallas based on the temperatures I've been seeing on the Weather 
Channel.  I was considering going to this Kingdom's Northeastern War which 
is taking place this weekend but it's up in Maine about 4 hours from where 
I'm at and we are having quite a bit of rain up here this weekend so I 
passed.  I don't know if I'll check anything out SCA wise up here while I'm 
here so I'll be ready for Lughnasadh when I get back.  And yeah, I've found 
out why Texans use R's so much...these folks don't know what they're for ;) 
 (I need to go pahk the cah down by the hahbuh)  ROFLMAO!!!
	Anyways, see you folks in a few weeks and drink a couple of beers for 
me...yeah like I'm teetotaling it up here.  Got my Tullamore Dew right here 
and had a couple last night thinking about you good folks.  Take care.

Laird Sean of Argyll
Loch Ruadh Archery Marshal

mka Tim Cantley
       Regional Software Support Specialist
       14785 Preston Rd.
       Suite 250
       Dallas, Tx. 75240
      Office: 972-892-2125

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