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Bill Osterheim Polydore at
Sat Jul 15 18:22:14 PDT 2000

Never tasted a Tullamore Dew, any chance of bring back a sample?
Glad to hear tou are surviving. So are w!

Tim Cantley wrote:

> Hiya peoples,
>         Just thought I'd let ya know I'm still alive and well up here in the
> Kingdom of the East.  I can say that I'm glad I'm up here right now and not
> in Dallas based on the temperatures I've been seeing on the Weather
> Channel.  I was considering going to this Kingdom's Northeastern War which
> is taking place this weekend but it's up in Maine about 4 hours from where
> I'm at and we are having quite a bit of rain up here this weekend so I
> passed.  I don't know if I'll check anything out SCA wise up here while I'm
> here so I'll be ready for Lughnasadh when I get back.  And yeah, I've found
> out why Texans use R's so much...these folks don't know what they're for ;)
>  (I need to go pahk the cah down by the hahbuh)  ROFLMAO!!!
>         Anyways, see you folks in a few weeks and drink a couple of beers for
> me...yeah like I'm teetotaling it up here.  Got my Tullamore Dew right here
> and had a couple last night thinking about you good folks.  Take care.
> Laird Sean of Argyll
> Loch Ruadh Archery Marshal
> mka Tim Cantley
>        Regional Software Support Specialist
>        14785 Preston Rd.
>        Suite 250
>        Dallas, Tx. 75240
>       Office: 972-892-2125
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