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Wed Jul 26 19:40:15 PDT 2000

Well it wasn't an act of a Major Deity, but rather the act of someone who has aspirations of being one... the selling realtor.

We will NOT be closing on the house this Friday afterall. Closing will be delayed and hopefully next weekend (Aug 5th) we can do the move. We will still need people, trucks, boxs (though I think the box situation has been fixed. Connal is meeting Asa and Thorgear tomorrow to pick some up).

Of course this is the weekend before the event which means "do it and do it fast!" so that we can find our SCA stuff and be ready for the event. So anyone who can help (even if ya don't have a truck, a back with attached arms and legs that move to command works for me....) please let us know. Of course food and beverages will be avail for those who help. As soon as we get the go ahead I will make another post and set up meeting time/place (not sure if the first move batch will be from Sluggy's or from the storage building yet, we're still working out as to what needs to go first.).

Thanks for everyone's support in our frustrating house buying (they should put a warning label on the for sale signs!! "Warning, closing will cause stress!") and I look forward to Connal and I hosting many things at our new house! ( and I am sure Sluggy is looking forward to having his house back too!)

(who's wondering if its OK to kick the sellers realtor while we sign the papers....)
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