LR - I shudda known.....

Pookie Pookie-W at
Wed Jul 26 20:16:47 PDT 2000

  Yes it is permissible as well, as required. ;-)

  So does this mean that everyone that was going to help you move can now show up at Canton for the Queens Champion Tourney to support the Loch Ruadh Rapier Fighters?  Morgunn is trying to get authorized, though I am not sure if he can pass the authorization bout.

  Laird Caerell MacDomnaill

  Good I am glad I can kick him. I have a headache from dealing with this house stuff. (grumble grumble)

  And so far we had only had one person offer to help but yes, now he is free to attend and cheer on Morgunn if his schedule would permit! :)

  Of course this does mean that since we're not moving while Morgunn is fighting we can look for y'all to help now right? (grin... I aint 'shamed in rustlin' up help where I can find it!)


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