LR - I shudda known.....

Pookie Pookie-W at
Thu Jul 27 06:53:17 PDT 2000

> Nope.  You should really wait until AFTER the papers are all signed.  Then
kick him/her all you want. <grin>  Hope they don't delay you any longer.
(Would the threat of mad Irishmen in armor spur them on any?)
> Padraig

Hmmm   well Fein Ruadh does need some practice soon.. wonder if we can get
everyone together in full armour to stand as "body guards" for intimadation
(sp) while we sign papers? <evil grin>   We're gonna talk to the mortgage
company and our realtor today and fin dout how far back the signing is being
pushed, it shouldnt be more than a week meaning we can move next weekend (oh
joy.. moving before another event.. .why does this always happen to us?).


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