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Thought this might be of interest if anyone hasn't already seen it on the Elfsea list.


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Forgive me if I'm repeating old information, but I do not recall seeing
mention of the CBS crew.  For the benefit of those who could not attend and
for those who might have missed the announcement at final court, a 15 minute
segment on the CBS Sunday Morning program about Gulf War IX is to air on
either April 2 or April 9. (The precise date had not yet been decided by
CBS) The crew was on site at least from Thursday thru Saturday's final
court. (They may have arrived on Wednesday, I can't remember for sure) They
filmed many aspects of the War and even shot from one of the towers during
the 1st castle battle. (Ansteorra was defending, successfully, in the 1st
battle)  I'm quite anxious to see their footage and wanted to remind
everyone about it.


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