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Good Gentles,

I was inspired by Marmaduke's valiant and enthusiastic actions at the War, and have composed a lay for him - my first, and I hope not the last, inspiration for verse and song from the War.


Marmaduke at the War

Hear now the lay of Marmaduke Treebane,
Slayer of Trimarians, killer of trees.
Strong stood the line of the foe on the hillside
Arrayed there against us deep in the ravine
Arthurians stood fast, not fearing the foemen
Awaiting a sign from our leader, the Wolf
Advance did he cry, and their line seemed to tremble
Although they held firm and their spearmen grew bolder
Daring to thrust out between the massed shields
Marmaduke stood, and their spears could not find him
Only sliding across the great face of his shield
At last came the moment and the Wolf gave the word
Forward sprang Marmaduke, fast as the lightning
The enemy line were all flung like skittles
Scattered about and their line was well broken
Still Marmaduke charged them, sure there were more
And have them he would, no matter their number
Shield up and head down, just as we’d practiced
Forward he thundered and did not catch sight of
The tree that the Trimarian line had concealed
The crash was resounding, the impact tremendous
The force of the blow bent his shield near in two
Though grievously stunned, this warrior still struggled
To pull his shield o’er him to protect, as he’d learned
Till helped from the field and sat, in full honour
To rest in the warrior’s repose he had earned
The next day in battle, once again the foe facing
After holding an enemy line of far more than sixty
Against our mere dozen, where broke they and halted
We sat resting ‘tween battles, sweet water refreshing
He gazed out at the Trimarians gathered together
Laughed to himself softly, and to me he turned
My look was a question, and he answered it freely
I’ve discovered, said he, with no overstatement,
A fact that I would not have known but for battle
Trimarians and allies are determined and strong
Worthy opponents and an honour to face them
But no matter their strength or talent or weapons
Sixty Trimarians aren’t as tough as one tree.
We fought on together, Arthurians determined
That the Black Star should triumph, and our King be the victor
And it needed the Earth itself to rise and assail him
When stormed we the fort and did open the way
Then they led him from battle, protesting but injured
For he’d broken the foot upon which he’d landed
But I’m still alive, he cried out to the Marshals
And though under objection he went then from the field
He did so in honour, no shame to his striving
And we fell to the fray once again for his cause
Battered by Trimarian spears did we fall
And fell there in triumph, in Marmaduke’s stead
For his the example our ideal to follow
A hero of heroes, then, passing in victory
He leads by his actions, not counting the cost
This then the lay of Marmaduke Treebane
Slayer of Trimarians, killer of trees
Mother Earth and her forests it took to defeat him
Trimaris and her allies an annoyance, at worst.

Nunc Est Bibendum

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