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"Liberty Kenas" <lkenas76 at> said -

>Hello everyone, I am new to this mailing list and had a question... 
>I was wondering if anyone would be interested in attending my wedding in costume to help keep the guests in the right frame of mind.  If you think you might be interested, or if you have any tips for a renaissance wedding please email me at LKenas76 at .  The wedding will be October 14, 2000.
>Thanks for your time...
>Liberty Kenas

Now that we are back from War, having once again driven back the ravening hordes of Trimaris, perhaps we'll have some time for other pursuits.

Milady, if you have the opportunity, please come to one of our meetings or gatherings that are announced on this list - then you'll have a number of people to bounce ideas off and get immediate feedback.  We all love our hobby and we have many people who possess a wealth of knowledge on various subjects Medieval.  And if we don't know it, we know where to look and who to ask.  And the idea of a Renaissance wedding intrigues me.

I look forward to meeting you in person.

In Service,

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