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This is a listing forwarded from the A&S list.  A little bit of garb info for 

 <A HREF="">Clothing of the 
Ancient Celts-Home</A> 
 <A HREF="">Costuming 
 <A HREF="">Costuming 
 <A HREF="">Clothing and Costume 
Links</A>  <A HREF="">La Couturière Parisienne Costume 
and Fashion Site</A> 
 <A HREF="">Costume Making and 
other Textile Arts</A> 
 <A HREF="">AlterYears: Your Online Costume Resource
 <A HREF="">International Costumers' Guild, Inc. -- 
Home Page</A> 
 <A HREF="">Costume History</A> 
<A HREF="">The History of Costume by 
Braun & Scheider</A>
  <A HREF="">The Costume Page - 
Costume History</A> 
 <A HREF="">Costuming: 
History & Research</A> 
 <A HREF="">The Costume Page</A> 
 <A HREF="">Indian 
Clothing and Apparel - Sarees - Saris - Custom Apparel and Indian Clothi</A> 
 <A HREF="">Medieval & Fantasy 
 <A HREF="">Costume Details from 
Lorenzo Lotto</A> 
 <A HREF="">The 
Cotehardie Patterns Page</A> 
 <A HREF="">Foot
wear of the Middle Ages</A> 
 <A HREF="">Mispercepti
ons about Medieval Clothing</A> 
 <A HREF="">Milieux:The 
Costume Site</A>  
<A HREF="">costume 
exhibits in museums </A><A 
 <A HREF="">Web Gallery of Art</A> 
 <A HREF="">Costume Picture Gallery</A> 
 <A HREF="">Art Deco Erte</A> 
 <A HREF="">Notes and 
illustrations on Regency clothing styles, with 1895 Charles E. Brock</A> 
 <A HREF="">Elizabethan 
Costuming Page</A> 
  <A HREF="">Elizabethan Arts Home Page</A> 
 <A HREF="">Briefe History of the 
 <A HREF="">Elizabethan Barbie pix<
 <A HREF="">The Costume Gallery</A>  <A 
HREF="">Tudor patterns</A> 

Don't for get to talk to me if anyone is interested in doing a garb workshop. 
 The upcoming A&S night in April will be a general get together for 
NeedleWorkers and Illumniators as well as a chance to work on any A & S 
project you wish to bring.
I have just purchases some books on Medieval Illumination that have hundreds 
of color plates.  These will be available to look at.  I will also have 
guache(watercolors) and pallets.  Bring a fine grade brush for illumination.
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