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Tue Mar 28 09:47:34 PST 2000

>This is a listing forwarded from the A&S list.  A little bit of garb info for 
>Don't for get to talk to me if anyone is interested in doing a garb workshop. 
> The upcoming A&S night in April will be a general get together for 
>NeedleWorkers and Illumniators as well as a chance to work on any A & S 
>project you wish to bring.
>I have just purchases some books on Medieval Illumination that have hundreds 
>of color plates.  These will be available to look at.  I will also have 
>guache(watercolors) and pallets.  Bring a fine grade brush for illumination.

Gabrielle was talking about wanting to host a garb workshop.  MagD'Leigha has held some very successful garb workshops in the past, and I sure she'll be willing to share her expertise.  Amber is looking for information on skirts/dresses, so I'm sure she'll be interested as well.  Let's talk about a possible date at Populace next week.


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