[Loch-ruadh] Today in History Dec. 13

Chris Harper bice.pietro at charter.net
Fri Dec 14 14:43:52 PST 2001

At 02:32 PM 12/14/2001 -0600, you wrote:
>   Glad Polydore can't read this. <G>
> >
> > Bicé
> >
>What makes you think I can't read it?  (grin) Besides, the Swedes are crazy!
>It is the Norwegans that are perfect.  So perfect we had to keep trying to
>out the rest of europe with extended voyages to try and inject a little of the
>perfection into other cultures.

Oh great Oddgar,  Pray forgive my incomplete sentence.  I meant to say,
"Thank goodness, Polydore and Oddgar can't read this right now."  And now,
even at this late time of day, I hope they will forget it by tomorrow. <G>


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