[Loch-ruadh] Today in History Dec. 13

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Right custom, wrong holiday.  Wreath comes out in early February for
Candlemas - well that is the name of the mass that was put over the old
custom of coaxing the sun back from the dead of winter.

I really do read way too much....

Oh, and don't even think of lighting a candle next to a properly "cured"
fruitcake.  151 rum will ignite.  Trust me - been there, done that.

Medb Liath

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Chris Harper wrote:

> At 02:13 PM 12/14/2001 -0500, you wrote:
> >I dunno, I kinda like the mental picture of people running wildly,
> >burning fruitcakes on their heads.  I even have some candidates in
> >mind.  (evil grin)
> >
> >Padraig
> I keep forgetting that not everyone has the same pictures in their heads
> as  I do.  Somewhere, some years ago, I saw a painting of a girl serving
> coffee and buns in a robe with a wreath on her head that had burning
> candles in it.  Like you, I thought better her than me.  I also thought
> those Swedes are a crazy bunch.  Glad Polydore can't read this. <G>
> Bicé

What makes you think I can't read it?  (grin) Besides, the Swedes are crazy!
It is the Norwegans that are perfect.  So perfect we had to keep trying to
out the rest of europe with extended voyages to try and inject a little of
perfection into other cultures.


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