[Loch-ruadh] Commander of Fian Ruadh

Adam Harrison concrete_donkey at yahoo.com
Wed Jun 6 10:51:51 PDT 2001

Greetings everyone,

I had a big formal bid for commander of Fian Ruadh
written up, but it's on the computer at home somewhere
and I won't be back there until it's way too late to
send, so here is a new and improved(improv-ed?)
version.  :-)

I've been fighting in the SCA off and on for nearly
four years now, and most of that fighting has been
melee combat and training.  Shortly after I began
fighting, I had the pleasure of serving in a
shieldwall at two Estrella Wars.  Shortly after, I
began playing in Ansteorra and almost immediately
joined the Arthurian Company, Elfsea's Melee combat
unit.  During my tenure in the Arthurian Company, I
began fighting polearm and was promoted to a command
position in the company.  With my experience in
commanding in the Arthurian Company two years ago and
commanding Fian Ruadh this past year, I believe I have
gained enough wisdom and experience to ably lead Fian
Ruadh in the coming year.

If I am selected as commander, I will set up montly
practices for the company in the summer and early
fall, switching to weekly or bi-weekly practices in
the months before Gulf Wars.  It is my intent to
integrate Fian Ruadh into the Brigade of units The
Arthurian Company and The Fray have recently formed.
In doing so we will not lose our identity as Fian
Ruadh, but will rather gain fame as an elite unit
performing specialized tasks in the brigade.  I intend
to coordinate our archers and siege engineers with our
heavy fighters and have them practice with us as well.
 Although our rapier fighters are not part of the
heavy fighting unit, at war I will stand at their
sides, rapier in hand, ready to educate Trimaris on
the use of a blade.  Also, let us not forget the
non-combatants of Fian Ruadh who, without their
support we would not be where we are today.  Much word
fame will spread of the seamstresses, waterbearers,
chiurgeons, pages, artisans, and all others who keep
Fian Ruadh on its feet.

With this integration of talents, both on the field
and off, Fian Ruadh will become a known and FEARED
unit on the field of war and we will bring honor and
glory to Loch Ruadh.

In service,

Lord Bjorn inn Kvensami
Captain of the Elfsea Baronial Guard
Siege Marshal of Loch Ruadh and Elfsea
Holder of the Portcullis of Elfsea

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