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Ok folks, after this last statement, I hope you understand why this father
has gray hair.  Thank God, at least she's 18 now.  All this means guys is
you don't have me to worry about any more, it's her you have to worry about
:)  Kara, what you might want to do is see if anyone is going to be having a
sewing/garb making workshop and try to lean how to make your own.  I've
tried and failed miserably but I imagine you have a little more talent in
that area than your old man ;)


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> Does anyone know where I can buy new garb? I mean some really nice stuff
> for
> like court or something. Or even just other peices that I can wear around.
> I've been wearing the same outfit for 2 years and quite frankly I'm sick
> of
> it :o) (No one would want me to run around naked, would they?) If I could
> get
> any info.....phone #'s, e-mail addys web sites, mailing addresses that
> would
> be great. Thanks
> Kara
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