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Thu Jun 28 12:25:50 PDT 2001

Please read the following.  If you want your info to appear in the Elfsea Domesday, please get it to Anezka as soon as possible.


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Greetings Elfsea (and her cantons and college)!

As I stated at Moot last night, it is time once again to update and publish
the Elfsea Domesday.  For those who do not know, the Domesday is our
Baronial address/phone/email directory so you can find others in the barony
beyond the officers listed in the Scroll.  If you think the people of Elfsea
would like to get in touch with you, we've got space in the Domesday for
you.  Inclusion in the Domesday is completely voluntary and you may include
as much or as little information as you like.  We have spaces for your SCA
name, Real name, address, home phone, work phone, alternate phone (like a
cell phone or pager), email address, and which group you primarily play with
(Loch Ruadh, Dragonsfire Tor, Three Bridges, Lindenwood, Steppes, Glaslyn,

If you need to update your information from last year (and that includes
checking it to make sure it's still correct), please find me at upcoming
baronial functions (like Moot, business meeting, scribes, etc.) and I will
have a paper copy you can check.  If you are new to the barony or just don't
think you are in the Domesday you can add yourself at any of these same

If you don't plan on being at any of these activities (or would rather not
try to find me at these things), but would still like to be included in the
Domesday, please email your information to me (anezka at elfsea.net) prior to
August business meeting (9 August).  I will be taking changes until then for
publication at August Moot.

If you have any questions, feel free to email me.

In Service,
Dama Anezka z Rozmitala
Keeper of the Domesday

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