[Loch-ruadh] going to gulf war?

Adam Harrison concrete_donkey at yahoo.com
Tue Feb 12 16:29:39 PST 2002

Are you going to Gulf War?

Do you want to participate in the battles but not get
hit hard?

If so, YOU can be on a siege crew!  :-)

I have offers from various people around the kingdom
who are willing to loan armor or build armor for those
who want to be on siege crews.

We already have a crew for my tortion ballista, but
there are several other engines in this barony and
around the kingdom that don't have crews including two
heavy rock throwing ballistas.

The heavy rock throwers are the only eninges that can
destroy other siege engines and structures like the
castle gate and towers.  YOU can contribute directly
to the success of the Ansteorran army of heros!

Siege is easy and fun, everybody who is physically
able should do it!

If you're interested, contact me, Lord Bjorn, at
concrete_donkey at yahoo.com or Lothair Wildehaar at
centralsiege at yahoo.com

We will get you in armor and authorized before Gulf

-Ld Bjorn
Siege Marshal of Loch Ruadh and Elfsea

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