[Loch-ruadh] going to gulf war?

Dan Foster fosterd3 at earthlink.net
Wed Feb 13 11:38:16 PST 2002

Yes, I will work with Gwin. Padraig will loan me his armor. We talked
about this at the Old South Rest. You signed my card. Saturday Elayne
and I will go to Border War and Watch. Call me 817-446-3919.


Adam Harrison wrote:

> Are you going to Gulf War?
> Do you want to participate in the battles but not get
> hit hard?
> If so, YOU can be on a siege crew!  :-)
> I have offers from various people around the kingdom
> who are willing to loan armor or build armor for those
> who want to be on siege crews.
> We already have a crew for my tortion ballista, but
> there are several other engines in this barony and
> around the kingdom that don't have crews including two
> heavy rock throwing ballistas.
> The heavy rock throwers are the only eninges that can
> destroy other siege engines and structures like the
> castle gate and towers.  YOU can contribute directly
> to the success of the Ansteorran army of heros!
> Siege is easy and fun, everybody who is physically
> able should do it!
> If you're interested, contact me, Lord Bjorn, at
> concrete_donkey at yahoo.com or Lothair Wildehaar at
> centralsiege at yahoo.com
> We will get you in armor and authorized before Gulf
> Wars!
> -Ld Bjorn
> Siege Marshal of Loch Ruadh and Elfsea
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