[Loch-ruadh] Elfsea Baronial Polling Process - IMPORTANT INFORMATION

Bill Osterheim Polydore at worldnet.att.net
Tue Feb 12 18:03:47 PST 2002

I believe Padraig had all the needful information on his post so I will not duplicate it.

Dana says if anybody needs to stop earlier, to drop off votes we will deliver, or write them out there, or for other reasons, she will be there after 5:30pm. Remember, officers meeting is not just for the officers of the Canton.  If you are planning to stay for the meeting, you should consider bringing a chair.

I encourage everybody who can make it, to come to Elfsea Moot and Cast your votes in person!!!

If you cannot, please use on of the other options to let your opinion be known.

If you do not know the candidates, ask questions: become informed! Be sure to ask more than one person, and ask the why! they believe such and such.  This is not, or should not be, just a popularity contest.

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