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Gabrielle is correct, though let me say that it somewaht depends on the size of the turkey.  A good way to make sure you have enough oil in the pot before you start heating it is to use this method:

Before beginning, determine the amount of oil you'll need by placing the turkey in the pot. Add water until it reaches about two inches above the turkey. Remove the turkey (and let any water in the cavity drain back into thepot) and note the water level by using a ruler to measure the distance from the top of the pot to the surface of the water. Remove the water and thoroughly dry the pot, then add oil up to the measured level.

Or you can do what I usually do and just wing it.  :)

The best place to get the oil is at Sam's.  They have several kinds in 5 gallon containers, and it's significantly cheaper than buying it elsewhere.

I'll call you tonight about the armor, cooker and other items.


Gabrielle wrote:

>Dearest Daniel,
>Just confirming, the amount of oil necessary to fry turkeys is 5 gallons.

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