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Sat Jun 1 14:54:27 PDT 2002

I pretty much agree with what you posted, except as
noted below.


--- STEVE K  ROURKE <SROURKE at prodigy.net> wrote:
> The following was copied and pasted from a thread on
> the Rialto. I thought
> it was interesting enough to bring up here. What
> words/phrases/terminology
> do like or dislike etc.?
> Dohmnall
> Dragon: dislike, don't use
> Troll: like, use
> Autocrat: neutral, use out of habit
> -crat ( on anything else ): dislike, use anyway out
> of habit
> Period ( in the SCA context): neutral, use to the
> point that its use in any other context throws
> me
> Port-a-privy, port-a-castle: dislike, use "privy" or
> "garderobe" instead
> Goslings ( for children): dislike, don't use

I've never heard goslings used to refer to children.
Normally when I assign my bairns an animal name, it is
kittens or ducklings.

> Halflings ( for children): dislike, don't use
> Smalls ( for children ): neutral, use occasionally

Used this once or twice in the past, and was always
informed that it was actually short for "small
clothes", meaning underthings, so stopped using it.
Nothing wrong with "children", by the way, perfectly
period usage.  LOL

> Stick Jock: neutral, use occasionally
> Event ( in the SCA sense ): neutral, use out of
> habit
> Farspeaker: dislike, don't use,I justsay
> "communicate"

I just say, "when I spoke to so-and-so".

> Bard-in-a-Box: dislike, don't use ( when I use
> recorded music, I keep it
> hidden, and just pretend that the musicians are
> somewhere they can't be
> seen.

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