[Loch-Ruadh] SCA Terminology

Sat Jun 1 14:36:07 PDT 2002

The following was copied and pasted from a thread on the Rialto. I thought
it was interesting enough to bring up here. What words/phrases/terminology
do like or dislike etc.?


Dragon: dislike, don't use
Troll: like, use
Autocrat: neutral, use out of habit
-crat ( on anything else ): dislike, use anyway out of habit
Period ( in the SCA context): neutral, use to the point that
                 its use in any other context throws me
Port-a-privy, port-a-castle: dislike, use "privy" or
"garderobe" instead
Goslings ( for children): dislike, don't use
Halflings ( for children): dislike, don't use
Smalls ( for children ): neutral, use occasionally
Stick Jock: neutral, use occasionally
Event ( in the SCA sense ): neutral, use out of habit
Farspeaker: dislike, don't use,I justsay "communicate"
Bard-in-a-Box: dislike, don't use ( when I use recorded music, I keep it
hidden, and just pretend that the musicians are somewhere they can't be

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