[Loch-Ruadh] Fabric source and tents

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Okay, now that I have stopped laughing...Padraig, you are the best.

I got one of the buyers at work to call this company up.  Unfortunately,
they only wholesale and their minimum is 1000 yards.  Even on the cheap, I
don't think that I could re-sell that much canvas.

Do not loose heart, young Wiley, for I have a devious and cunning plan to
make a Viking A frame for my family that is light weight and water proof.
Something that even a young lout like yourself could make and put up whilst
in your cups.

I read all the stuff at Stefan's Florig-whatever.  What I found was that
there are several people out there who have made tents of a tightly woven
twill, and given our experience with gale force winds in west texas, dollar
a yard (how thin can you weave it and not call it gauze) poly-cotton blends,
and the use of white tarps, I think that I have come up with something that
will be look ever so period, breathe, be waterproof, including the
pre-trenching phase of Gulf,  and be easy on the axles.

As soon as I get the model made, I will bring it out to a fighter practice
or populace.  I want to do it in miniature to work out the design bugs.

Medb Liath

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> Wiley wrote:
> >Wiley here no I haven't heard anything but let me know how it turns out
> >thinking about adding another layer to the top of my ancient tent (I like
> >style of it).
> Wiley, that tent of yours is the closest thing I've seen to a portable
slum.  If you're going to add to it, could you at least make it look like a
period slum?  :)
> Padraig
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