[Loch-Ruadh] Highland Games Thanks and Lost and Found

SMABRY@flash.net SMABRY at flash.net
Tue Jun 11 13:54:49 PDT 2002

I would like to extend a greatful thanks to all the
people who helpd setup. teardown, and unloading at the
shed for the Highland Games: Robin, Fearghus,
Arabella, Lauren, Trevor, Anezka, Timothy, Siobhan,
Daniel, Whitney, Aeryn, her husband, Caelin, Pyro,
Raimond, Maria, Ryan, Diane, Galen, Alessandra,
Dunstan, Wilim, Rixende, Stella, Tomas, Aurelia,
Seamus, Seamus, Daniel, Brigit.

If I missed anyone, I deeply apologize.  As I said
during court, this demo event was the result of the
efforts of the whole Barony and the reason it was such
a success is because of the effor tthat everyone put
forward.  I thank all of you for your efforts.

My lady, HL Robin has given me a list of the lost and
found from the event.  Some of it we know who it
belongs to, and we've included their names next to the
item.  If you contact us, we will make every effort to
get it back to you.

Pop Up shade tent in black carry bag (it was lying
next to the fence just our side of the Majik
Cauldron's pavilion; it's not theirs)
Pants, bright yellow (Mathias')
Silver plate & steak knife in plastic bag (Aurelia)
Blue tabard with gold & black trim (this was hanging
as an exhibit)
Hand-woven table runner with black & gold trim
Chainmail circle (Elizabeth Hawkwood)
Brown plaid fleece sheets (these were used on the A&S
Black strap, like off a computer case

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