[Loch-Ruadh] Answers to Questions about Guardian of the Tor Site

Lady Simone ui' Dunlaingh simone at elfsea.net
Tue Jun 11 12:50:08 PDT 2002

I have had lots of enquiries on the availability of water and electricity
and the natural habitat swimming, fishing and other items at Guardian of the
Tor. I have chosen to answer these question openly so to avoid confusion and
to inform the populace of some of the possible incontinences of a rustic
site. this information is being presented so that all may be prepared so
they may enjoy the beauty of the site and the fun of the event. if you have
Questions feel free to ask.

1) What kind of site is being used for Guardian of the Tor, and how are we
viewed by the Site owners?

The Bulk of the site for Guardian is primitive. we are using a  200+ acre
Horse Ranch that is attempting to keep most of the property rustic for the
uses of trail rides, and recreation organizations like us, the civil war and
old west recreation groups along with Boy camping and community group
dinners and picnics. The site owners are very accommodating to us and have
been a joy to work with they are very open to the SCA and will let us the
majority of the things we like to do at events. they have promoted the event
in the local community and kept businesses in the area informed of our
upcoming event. the owners are hoping that the event can be held at the
ranch annually. They have expressed a wish that other SCA Groups consider
the site for use for their events as well and do have plans to add a new
water well in the main area and installing a permanent shower/restroom
facility by the main pavilion.

2) What is the availability of Electricity on site?

the main area of the site we will be using is primitive. there is limited
electricity which has bee reserved for the Main permanent pavilion were the
electricity is, one snowcone merchant, and medical camping needs such as
breathing machines and electric scooters.  there is tentative plans to
extend the electricity on site as so much as it does not detract from the
rustic look of the site.

3) What is the availability of drinking water on site?

By the Horse stables and paddocks there is well water.

In the main area we will be using the well pump broke and the site owners
are saving the several thousand needed to dig the new water well. We are
bringing in a tanker truck of water for drinking and showers so their will
be a source of water in the main activities are. I would like to recommend
that those camping to bring bottled water if you are planning on camping
away from the main activities area. there is a mile long are of camping
space both in the tree line and in the open.

4) Are their Natural plant and insect hazards to be aware of?

This is a large site and much of it is rustic. Bug spray is a good thing to
have in your gear even if day tripping and so is Citronella candles and oil
for tike torches. there is a river on site and as with many natural and
rustic sites in Texas it is always good to be prepared for stinging and
biting insects.

There are some plants to be aware of on site we are clearing some from the
main area's yet you still may come across some. they are Prickly pear cactus
pretty to look at but pain ful if stepped on or fallen on. Poison oak,
Bullnettle a pretty plant with thorns and white flowers that sting and
itches for a few hours after coming in contact with them. Water and cool mud
takes away the sting nicely. we ask parents to please talk to their children
about staying away from plants with white flowers in case it is a bullnettle

5) Is there any wild life we should not disturb.

 Please do not kill the red ants on the site they are good they keep away
the bad biting fire ants. and don't hurt the frogs they are part of the
natural ecosystem and really needed. on that note if you do want to put down
any insecticide they must be environmentally safe as not to taint the water
supply. the water used by the wells on this site come from the site not with
water company. you might want to keep it in mind. that what ever chemical
you chose to dump on the ground this year, you may be drinking next year
when the new well pump is up and running. so if you do not want to drink it
don't pour it on the ground.

6) What is the swimming area like?

The swimming area is fairly nice,  it is a natural river not a man made area
there are rocks and sticks. it is recommended that swimmers have water shoes
or sandals in the water because of rocks. there is no man made debris in the
swimming area and we ask that all who swim be kind enough not to leave any.

 Please remember that minors are not allowed by the water unattended at
anytime. this is a site rule not ours. unattended minors will be brought to
their parents and requested they be removed from site. This rule is not
negotiable. and will be strictly enforced.

7) Can I fish on site?

Fishing is allowed on site with a current Texas fishing license there are
some nice size fish in the river. please pick up after yourself and not
leave hocks or lures on the site.

8) Can I bring my dog?

Pets are allowed on site with current proof of vaccinations and must be
leashed at all times. owners are responsible for their pets. if your pet is
causing a safety hazard to humans or other animals you will be asked to take
it home. animals brought to site must have water bowl that is filled, are
not to be left in vehicles, and their hard waste must be picked up and
disposed of please. if your animal or pet is known not to get along or play
well with others please leave it at home.

9) Are boats allowed on site?

There is not an easy way to launch motorized boats from the site. there is a
boat launch up river from the site if you want to launch the boat there and
rive it to the site. Canoes  and small rafts can be carried down relatively
easily by two people to the swimming area and lunched from there. so if you
would like to bring a boat it is up to you. they may not be tethered within
50 feet of the swimming area for safety reasons.

10) Is there a place for RV's on site?

Area has been set aside for RV parking. there is no water or electric in
this area. the area was chosen for accessibility for the trailers and trucks
pulling them. To give you a perspective of the distance the RV parking is
from the main activities area. it is approximately the same distance as from
the Showers to the List field at first Mondays in Canton that is used for
Steppes Warlord.

11) What is the policy of vehicle on site?

Vehicle parking will be next to the RV parking area.  the cattle gate will
be closed from 2pm Friday through 26m Sunday and will be open and closed by
security during that time to keep the ranch horses in the pasture and not
grazing through the main activities area of the site  We ask that all
vehicles are in the parking area by 10am Saturday morning. and that day
trippers unload and promptly park their vehicles so not to take away from
the natural beauty of the site. their is a pedestrian walkway available from
the main area to the parking area.

12) What time are the A&S activities beginning?

11:30 is when most of the activates are beginning with the judging for the
food competitions starting at noon.

13) I am planning on fighting in the Guardian List and want to participate
in the Squires and Cadets mixer. with no break in the fighting for lunch how
can I do both?

The Guardian Lists for Rapier and Chivalric is a 4 hour bear pit. you can
get in and out of line as you wish during the list. so taking a break for
lunch or to attend to other matters is a simple as stepping out of line for
a bit and getting back in line when you are done.

14) What are the food arrangements for the Squires and Cadets mixer and the
Apprentice  and Laurel Luncheon. I have food allergies I would like to be
prepared for?

Both the Squires and Cadet mixer and the Apprentice and Laurel luncheon are
Potluck. because of this I can not accurately say what food and drink will
be available. if you want to be sure there is food there you can eat  and
that you will like eating bring a dish for the potluck.

15) I have prizes to donate for the volunteer raffle and the prize baskets
for Guardian. I will not be on their till Saturday morning. who do I give
them to when I get there?

Prizes Great!!!! We need prizes prizes are good.  you can drop off prizes
for the volunteer raffle and for the prize baskets at volunteer point.
Christopher Donaldson is in charge of both of those areas and will  really
appreciate any prize donation you or others may have.

16) I want to volunteer at Guardian but I do not know what time I will be
there. Can I sign up to help on site?

Yes you can Just go to volunteer point to sign up to help. and remember for
ever two hours you volunteer for from Thursday to Saturday gets you a raffle
ticket and for those helping on Sunday we've got a surprise for you all as
well . :-)

While I'm on the topic of Volunteers. I would like to thank all of the
people who have already put a lot of time and effort into preparing for this
event. activities at events don't just happen it is the dedication and hard
work of those who volunteer their time that make it possible. I am so
grateful and thankful to all those who have been helping so far and who have
stepped up to volunteer at the event. and hope that more folks step up to
help their is a lot to do so everyone can have fun.

17) Do you need marshals?
YES!!!! we need marshals for Chivalric, Rapier, Archery, youth Boffer and
Youth Rapier. so if your a marshal we need you. stop by volunteer point and
volunteer your time.

18)Do you need any voice and field heralds?
YES!!! please stop by heralds point I am sure Lord Seanan will appreciate
any help you can give him.

19)How do I help with water bearing?

Waterbearers check in at chiuregons point. we need waterbearers in for the
fighting lists, archery, live steal, and equestrian activities.

20) Will there be a scribes and illuminators table?

Normally I would set one up, but with how busy I will be as the autocrat I
will not have the time. Now if another Scribe would like to set up a scribes
and illuminators area I will gladly set aside the space.

21) Can I sit in on feast even if I am not paying for it. I'll be bringing
my own food?

Unfortunately because of the loss we took at the last few Yule revels from
people eating feast who had not paid for it. only those with a feast token
will be allowed into the feast area during feast. those receiving feast
token are those who have pre-paid their feast by the 15th, our champions and
their family, the royals and their family (not entourage), the Baron and
Baroness of Elfsea and their family. the kitchen help and servers that have
been confirmed before the 15th.

For those who enjoy sitting at feast and enjoying the atmosphere even though
you are not eating I am sorry that we have been put in a position to take
such a stand regarding feast.  but we are a small canton that can not afford
to keep taking a loss because of the dishonesty of others.

I hope this has answered many of the Questions I have received. if you have
any that are not covered here please ask.

Lady (Simone) Maurian in Seanan ui' Dunlaingh
simone at elfsea.net
A&S Minister Dragonsfire Tor
Herald Emerald Keep
Autocrat Guardian of the Tor

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