[Loch-Ruadh] Today in History June 12

Tue Jun 11 20:58:11 PDT 2002

1519 Cosmos de Medici art patron (Accademia del Disegno)

0816: Death of St. Leo, Pope
0918: Death of Ethelfleda, daughter of Alfred "the Great," King of England
1479: Death of St. John of Sahagun
1587: Ursula Fray and Catharina Kless burned for witchcraft

Other Events:
816 St Leo III ends his reign as Catholic Pope
1099: Crusade leaders visit the Mount of Olives where they meet a hermit who
urges them to assault Jerusalem. Taking Jerusalem. 1349: Edward III, King of
England, orders the practice of Archery
1365: King Edward III bans football in London, orders archery practice
1402: John, Duke of Burgundy, massacres 3500 people in Paris
1442: Alfonso V, King of Aragon, crowned King of Naples
1446: Peace of Constance
1458: College of St. Mary Magdelen founded, Oxford, England

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