[Loch-Ruadh] Ballista Name

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Thu Mar 7 13:51:23 PST 2002

call it "The Loch Ruadhian Chunker of The Terrible Red Death"

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> Back at Feb's populace meeting, Padraig issued a
> challenge to come up with a name for my ballista.
> So far I have one submission.
> I'm going to close this competition Sat morning when
> the ballista is loaded in the Elfsea truck.
> Anyone have any name ideas?
> It is my belief that an engine needs to "earn" its
> name on the field, however I need a name for the gulf
> wars inspection card thingy(yes that's a technical
> term), so I'll have to decide on one quick---that's
> the main reason for the competition.
> -Bjorn
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