[Loch-Ruadh] Ballista Name

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Thu Mar 7 14:23:07 PST 2002

Adam Harrison wrote:

> Back at Feb's populace meeting, Padraig issued a
> challenge to come up with a name for my ballista.

> So far I have one submission.

I don't have Padraig's experience in finding such phrases, but I found
an online dictionary of Manx Gaelic, and found these phrases:

daah yn vaaish = color of death, as in deathly gray, cadaverous.

bàs ruadh = red death or ruddy death

bealbhan-ruadh = a species of hawk

crà-dhearg = blood red

fiùthaidh ruadh = red arrow

Anybody care to tackle pronunciation of any of these?

Personally, I like bealbhan-ruadh, partly because "ruadh" was already
part of the word as presented in the dictionary, meaning that I didn't
just tack "ruadh" on the end of another word and partly because, like
the ballista, a hawk attacks from the air.


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